15-year-old dies of dengue

 Telangana | Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Fri, Nov 22, 2019, 03:59 PM

Hyderabad: Fifteen-year-old Mohammed Fasiuddin died of dengue early on Thursday morning creating a situation which is still not under control as stated by the government.

Fasiuddin from Shadnagar suffered from fever for more than a week. His uncle Mohammed Illyas said, “From Monday onwards, the child was inactive. He had very high fever. The local doctors gave medicines and IV fluids. There was no improvement and we rushed him to the city. The doctors here said that we came too late.”

Fasiuddin was a class X student. His father is a daily wage labourer.

The death is being questioned as time and again, the government has stated that mosquito control measures, from fogging, spraying of insecticides and pesticides to dry days are being undertaken but the situation is not improving on the ground.

Sporadic cases of dengue are being noted in city hospitals. Critical cases from districts are being treated here as they require proper medical management.

Children’s hospitals in the city are still seeing infants and children with symptoms of dengue every week.

The intensive care units are stated to have a minimum of two children undergoing treatment for chronic stages of the disease.

Indian Medical Association’s Dr Sanjiv Singh Yadav explains, “Mosquito control is most important. Awareness has to be effective to control the day-time mosquito. The government has to spread the word that it can be fatal for those who are immune compromised. These measures  will help control the disease. The problem of fresh water stagnation continues to be high as utensils and plastic drums to store water are rampantly used across the state. These are never completely dried and that is the reason for proliferation of mosquitoes in the state.

Bala Hakkula Sangham’s president, Achyuta Rao, said, “The High Court has pulled up the government and it was expected that they will carry out strict measures. But that is not so. The death of a young boy again shows that measures are not sufficient.”